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Being mad is not being psychotic!

January 11, 2019

Books are powerful and capable fo giving twists to our lives. One such book is Randy Gage’s Mad Genius! I bought this book after reading a great review by one of my most favorite author, Steven Pressfield of “The Lions Gate” fame. And Randy’s Mad Genius motivated me to read Steven Pressfield’s three books, “The War of Art, Turning Pro and Do the work,” and Seth Godin’s book, “The Icarus Deception.” These books were in my bucket list, but I had “resisted” reading them for a long time! Randy calls them “Fearsome Foursome.” However, I read all the three books by Steven Pressfield in one go, and I am yet to read The Icarus Deception. The War of Art changed my life!

What I like about the Mad Genius is its easy readability. I finished reading this 222-page book in straight two hours. Randy has presented his ideas in small chapters. While large typeface chapter headings bring the gist of the chapters, highlighted typefaces bring essential points. There are bullet point notes also. Sentences are short and are in simple words. The author justifies the name “Mad Genius” by saying, “Entrepreneurs display a capacity to see the world in a novel and original way, literally, to see things that others cannot.” He carefully clarifies that being mad is not being psychotic. Though he quotes Wikipedia, “Psychotic individuals are said to play a capacity to see the world in a novel and original way, literally, to see things that others cannot!”

The book is in three parts. Book one is about “The Mysterious and the secret system that runs the world.” As I read of lot motivational books, there were very few mysteries or secrets for me. It could be for a novice. So was the third part, “The age of the Entrepreneur.” However, the second part speaks about the “The History of the Future.” It speaks about the mobile phone revolution, social media, apps, big data, and artificial intelligence and their future business opportunities. Wannabe entrepreneurs can get the benefit of this section.

Three innovative takeaway ideas I have learned from this book. 1. Schedule at least a forty-five minute thinking time every week. 2. SCAMPER technique to develop more creativity in the workplace. SCAMPER is an acronym for the seven different ways one can view an idea. 3. Don’t buy into the conventional beliefs.

Randy Gage is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame and has authored several books translated to more than twenty languages. His book Risky is the New Safe is New York Times bestseller (I am yet to read that one!). I won’t write this book off easily. People ask me why do I buy and read so many books. Even if I get one point is useful for me, for my friends and relatives, that’s enough for me. This book motivated me to read the game changer, The WAR of ART. I won’t ask for more!

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