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Video Editing

Video Editing Digital video editing, simply referred to as video editing is a very exciting area of interest. The first step in editing videos is to choose a reliable video editing software package. This is one of the most essential choices a video editor can make because video...
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Video Connectors

Video Connectors RCA Connectors: RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America. These are plugs and jacks found on most of the RF coaxial cables. A male RCA incorporates an outer sleeve and a central contact pin; each of which can be soldered or crimped to a protected wire...
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Video Files – An introduction

Video Files – An introduction Video files formerly referred to as “Multimedia video files” come in different formats, each having a level of prevalence based on certain specifications. Depending upon usage and availability, the most well-known types of video formats are AVI (Audio Video Interleave) and MPEG (Moving...
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