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First Do No Harm: Reflections on Becoming a Neurosurgeon

October 10, 2017

First Do No Harm: Reflections on Becoming a Neurosurgeon

J. Kenyon Rainer

I read the article in 1987 when abridged part of this book was published in Readers’ Digest, when I was still an undergraduate student. ¬†For sure I can say that this was one of the medial motivational books I read and which motivated me to excel in my studies and profession. ¬†Whenever I talk to my students, I speak about this book and encourage them to read.

It takes a strong stomach to read the detailed accounts here of emergency accidents and crime-victim cases and some of the operations performed by Rainer, chief of surgery at the East Alabama Medical Center. A practitioner of the risk-filled specialty of neurosurgery, the author recalls his years of schooling and brain-numbing, marriage-wrecking internship and residency schedules. Along with discussing his professional satisfactions, he writes with candor about his mistakes, about the inadequacy of certain medical practices (such as burn treatments), and the misdiagnoses and impersonal care of patients that he witnessed in a veteran’s hospital. Rainer praises the efficacy of peer-review boards and, like most physicians, he deplores what he considers excessive malpractice suits fostered by greedy lawyers.

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