Johns Hopkins ABX Guide

January 12, 2019


The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide is a combined platform for mobile and web resource that delivers up-to-date, authoritative and correct information on drugs, infectious diseases, and pathogens written by the experts.

Johns Hopkins ABX Guide has come out to be a comprehensive medical app, which allows one to search for information on medications and treatments regarding various illnesses and diseases. You can check out a drug and a list of recommended dosages, side effects, and restrictions on behavior while taking it. This app does offer evidence-based recommendations, giving a better idea of whether a medication is right for a particular lifestyle. However, the best feature remains a comprehensive table that cuts down drug cost. This official Johns Hopkins ABX (Antibiotic) Guide 2017 from Johns Hopkins Medicine features up-to-date, authentic, genuine and evidenced-based information in the treatment of infectious diseases to help you make a decision at the point of care. This comprehensive medical app organizes details of diagnosis; drug indications, pharmacokinetics, dosing, side effects, and interactions; pathogens; management and vaccines is easily accessible and available in quick-read entries.

 Johns Hopkins ABX App Contains:

Johns Hopkins ABX app assists in the following:

  • Helps in choosing correct drug and dosage, and reviewing the risk of potential adverse reactions or interactions.
  • Discovering or confirming a diagnosis with details on pathogens and clinical considerations.
  • Provides access to medical literature with annotated reference links.

Amazing Features:

Some amazing features of this application are here below-

  • It provides hundreds of brand name and generic drug listings
  • Helps in Diagnosis, Pathogen, Management, and Vaccine Indices
  • Assists Evidence-based recommendations
  • Expert comments and analysis are also provided.
  • Provides a tabular summary of available drug forms along with their cost.
  • It also highlights adverse reactions and drug interaction info.
  • It comes with a universal index Search
  • It also serves an option of personalized favorites.
  • Provides monthly updates
  • Provides a platform to adjust personalized favorites
  • Available in web access too.

 The app has easy features to view selected topics showing the expert recommendations and advise for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Using this app could be the best option to save time and money both. Its great features will take you to a place where you can collect the relevant info you are seeking for.



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