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Staying hungry and foolish for more!

March 7, 2019

Staying hungry and foolish for more!

Very few people, that too with an educational background of Business administration, consider writing as their career.  And very few make it big with their debut literary works itself.  Two such contemporaries who have created their own destiny in the literary world are Chetan Bhagat and Rashmi Bansal.  They not only made it big, but they also turned out to be prolific writers, churning out publications after publications like a factory.   They are a perfect example of dreaming big, achieving them, thus creating their own destiny.   These are the two authors I have been following closely ever since their debut publications.  Both of them are alumni of IIM Ahmedabad.  However, each of them has excelled in their own genres of writing. While Chetan Bhagat has made it big in ‘Fiction,’ Rashmi has made it big in ‘Non-fiction.’  Chetan Bhagat has diversified himself as columnist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational speaker.  Rashmi Bansal has excelled as an entrepreneur, youth expert, editor, and a blogger.  Other than their parent Institute, one thing common to them is, they both focus on “Youth.”

I have no qualms in saying I am fonder of Rashmi Bansal’s books as they have motivational value.  Ever since her debut book, “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish,” I have followed her work closely.   This particular book stands out as it is her passionate work about 25 co-alumni of IIM Ahmedabad.  These are chosen few, who took the rough road of entrepreneurship and became mover and shakers of the Indian business scenario.  However, they came from a diverse background, age, outlook, industries and made a big mark in the country.  Ever since I read this book in 2009, I have personally followed these giants, and as of today, more than 90% of them are successful.  To name a few, Educomp, Royal Orchid Hotels, MakeMyTrip, and Edelweiss capital.  They are continuing to grow by leap and bounds.

What I like about Rashmi’s writing is her methodical approach.  She has put a lot of research and efforts for her books.  The book,  “Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish” is divided into three sections such as ‘Believers,’ the ‘Opportunists’ and the people with ‘Alternate vision’ depending on how these achievers have created their own niche markets.  Each achiever is credited under a chapter with unique and catchy adjective-like chapter titles.  All chapters start with a brief introduction of the entrepreneur, followed by a one-page biography about their life and achievements and then their personal interviews about their journey as an entrepreneur.  Now, this has become a Rashmi Bansal’s signature style of writing.  Their travails, turmoil, travesty, and transitions are discussed during the journey of their start-ups.  The story of each and every entrepreneur has a great motivational value for future entrepreneurs and start-ups.  I am sure even after 10 years of its publication, “Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish” is still a best-seller by an Indian author.  I have read all her all the books and I am hungry and foolish for more.  Now there are at least 8 more books by Rashmi Bansal. Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish is a good beginning for interested readers.

Dr. Prahlada N.B, Chitradurga



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